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Brexit - A European Tragedy or How to Ignite a Pro-European Spark In The Classroom
vom 07.11.2018 bis 08.11.2018Anmeldeschluss: 10.10.2018  

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Ansprechpartner inhaltlich: Greulich, Gabriela; (03 51) 83 24 377
Ansprechpartner organisatorisch: Handrack, Ute; (0 35 21) 41 27 22


Why did the Brits shoot themselves in the foot? Why did they leap at the chance to add extensive cost and complexity to their economy and politics, for the prospect of such uncertain gains? Will Brexit actually happen? Is there anything that can be done now to mitigate a range of disaster" scenarios?

For Germans, Brexit is hard to fathom: Is there something in the English (not British!) psyche that can explain why half of the British people voted to isolate themselves from the rest of Europe? Do they really identify more with the old colonies (i.e. the Commonwealth), or the U.S.? Where are we in the Brexit process and what are the lessons for the rest of Europe?

This workshop investigates the meaning and the consequences of Brexit. The participants will put themselves in the shoes of a committed Brexiteer, and will analyse the success - and shortcomings - of the Brexit campaign. They will discuss how to possibly ignite a pro-European spark in the classroom!


The participants are aware auf the meaning und the consequences of the Brexit process.

They analysed news coverage of Brexit.

They discussed strategies for making the topic relevant and interesting for their pupils.


  • The process of Brexit and where the negotiations are leading towards
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  • Minds and motives of Brexiteers
  • ·
  • How to best interest pupils for pro-European politics
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Dieser Kurs wird geplant und durchgeführt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Sachsen.


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