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Die maximale Teilnehmerzahl ist noch nicht erreicht.R00823: Fachbezogene Fortbildung Englisch/ Practical approaches to arts-based foreign language education with InterACT English
Practical approaches to arts-based foreign language education with InterACT English
vom 27.02.2020 bis 28.02.2020Anmeldeschluss: 30.01.2020  

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Ansprechpartner inhaltlich: Greulich, Gabriela; (03 51) 83 24 377
Ansprechpartner organisatorisch: Handrack, Ute; (0 35 21) 41 27 22


How do language teachers motivate their students to speak more in the lessons? How do they take the concepts out of the (students) brain and put them into the mouth? What is arts-integration? There is a growing body of research which demonstrates that language acquisition is as much a physical act as it is a cognitive one. Learning a language is connected to the body as well as to emotions. By combining kinesthetic learning approaches with cognitive exercises, unique situations and contexts can be created for students. They will be able to link the language they learn to the world around them in new and exciting ways. Simultaneously, the arts centered programme allows students to develop competencies in the areas of team collaboration, creativity, problem solving, improvisation and listening.

This workshop focuses on creative approaches to EFL instruction and introduces arts-based methods as accessible, effective and simple to use in the EFL classroom.


Participants became more familiar with a performative approach to teaching and learning foreign languages.

They experienced a variety of useful and practical exercises for their classrooms.

They discussed materials and ideas for arts-integrated lessons.


  • Communicative approach
  • Stop-Motion animation / Digital media
  • Theatre games / Role-play
  • Adaptable Creative Frameworks and lessons
  • Arts-Integration in EFL


Fachberater/innen sowie weitere Lehrkräfte mit besonderen Aufgaben oder Funktionen im Fach Englisch an Oberschulen, Gymnasien und berufsbildenden Schulen


Working language in the course is English.


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