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vom 19.03.2020 bis 20.03.2020Anmeldeschluss: 04.02.2020  

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Ansprechpartner inhaltlich: Greulich, Gabriela; (03 51) 83 24 377
Ansprechpartner organisatorisch: Handrack, Ute; (0 35 21) 41 27 22


A good way to understanding the lives of people living in a country is to look at their cherished customs and traditions. These illustrate what is important to the people living there.

This workshop deals with values and changes of modern society in the UK and Ireland. The participants will acquire knowledge and material for use in class as well as strengthen their language skills.


Participants became more familiar with values and changes of traditions and customs in the UK.

They became more familiar with the system of Europe schools in the UK.

They discussed associated material for use in the EFL classroom.


  • Regional customs and traditions in the UK, values and changes
  • Digression into history, especially Roman traces
  • The European school system within the UK
  • Brushing up vocabulary


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