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R04048: Fachbezogene Fortbildung Englisch
Further Education/Training - Cooperation with English-speaking countries
vom 14.12.2023 bis 15.12.2023Anmeldeschluss: 16.11.2023

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Ansprechpartner inhaltlich:
Paape, Katrin; +49 (351) 84 39 839
Ansprechpartner organisatorisch:
Helmeke, Herlind; (0 35 21) 41 27 39
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At the start of 2020, rumours spread that an infectious virus had taken hold in many Asian countries. Here in Europe, this all seemed so far away. Then COVID-19 hit Europe and the rest of the world with force. All normality and routine with regard to our daily lives disappeared. Most of us have never experienced an event like this with such consequences for the world around us. This pandemic came shortly after BREXIT had shocked Europe. Travelling abroad on school trips, to study or for further teacher training has become a great challenge. It is worth taking a look at the education system in Ireland and the UK to see where there are opportunities for exchange in whatever form between these countries and Germany. Additionally, the application or communication process is almost solely in digital form, where a review of letter writing skills, etiquette and reforms is of interest. This workshop deals with the impact of COVID and Brexit on education and educational exchange in/and between Ireland, the UK and Germany. The participants will acquire knowledge and material for use in class as well as strengthen their language skills.


Participants became familiar with how educational exchange has changed, and can be facilitated in the future. They compared this to the situation in Germany.

They became more familiar with the education and further education sector in Ireland and the UK.

They review and improve on their communication skills.

They discussed associated material for use in the EFL classroom.


· Brushing up on vocabulary

· Comparison of situation, events in English-speaking countries to Germany considering their consequences

· Analysis of impact on educational exchange in Ireland and the UK

· Explanations to the school system in Ireland and UK



Lehrkräfte im Fach Englisch an Oberschulen, Gymnasien und berufsbildenden Schulen


am von bis
14.12.2023 09:30 17:00
15.12.2023 08:30 16:00




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