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Die maximale Teilnehmerzahl ist bereits erreicht. Sie können sich aber dennoch selbstverständlich online bis zum Anmeldeschluss anmelden.SBI07576: Fachbezogene Fortbildung Englisch/ Anglophone Comedy in the Classroom
Anglophone Comedy in the Classroom
vom 26.02.2018 bis 27.02.2018Anmeldeschluss: 29.01.2018  

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Ansprechpartner inhaltlich: Greulich, Gabriela; (03 51) 83 24 377
Ansprechpartner organisatorisch: Handrack, Ute; (0 35 21) 41 27 22


That laughter helps the medicine go down is a truism recognized by most teachers. Yet comedy can be used for so much more in the classroom than simply making lessons more entertaining. Intercultural competency for example relies on mastering a variety of verbal techniques, including knowing when and how to insert humor into situations for effect. Additionally, knowledge of the (pop cultural) humor canons of the UK and the US is indispensable in forming a complete cultural lexicon and in understanding references made by other texts.

This workshop will cover a variety of sources of Anglophone comedy and humor (e.g. television series, radio programming, advertisements, cartoons) across history.


Participants are aware of the potential of comedy and humor in the cross-cultural classroom.

They applied strategies necessary for analyzing, interpreting, and acquiring humor in English.

They discussed and designed lesson plans centered on comedy, weaving humor seamlessly into the curriculum.


  • Humor in linguistic and cultural studies
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  • Comedy in the UK and the US
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  • The pragmatics of being funny in English
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  • Lesson plans with comedy/humor as the focus
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Fachberater/innen sowie weitere Lehrkräfte mit besonderen Aufgaben oder Funktionen im Fach Englisch an Oberschulen, Gymnasien und berufsbildenden Schulen


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26.02.2018 10:00 17:30
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