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Motivating ways to incorporate music in the EFL-classroom
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Music in the EFL-Classroom can be a powerful tool for teaching and learning a foreign language as it is inspiring and motivating. Pupils seem to learn vocabulary and even grammar with fun and develop listening/speaking skills easier. Moreover music helps to get the feel of the natural speed, the flow and the right intonation of a foreign language. It can also impact behavior and social interactions. All in all, music can serve a variety of functions in the classroom, but like every other tool it should be used appropriately.

This workshop will encourage teachers to incorporate music in their English lessons more regularly, well planned and for a specific purpose.


Participants are aware of the potential of music from English-speaking countries to developing language skills in the classroom.

They discussed various creative approaches of how to utilize music in the classroom.

They designed lesson plans to implement specific musical selections.


  • Vocabulary to talk about music
  • ·
  • Music as a warm-up and as core content
  • ·
  • Music within its cultural and/or historical context
  • ·
  • Vocabulary and grammar with music
  • ·
  • Different music styles
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Fachberater/innen sowie weitere Lehrkräfte mit besonderen Aufgaben oder Funktionen im Fach Englisch an Oberschulen und Gymnasien


Working language in the course is English.

Examples focus on grades 7 to 10.


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